R.I.P. APRIL 2nd 2018

Carlos founded Brandywine Liquor in 2004 after successfully running "the place to be" Picos Grill in Deltona FL. He was known to always have a giant cigar in hand and white cuban hat on. You could count on him to greet you with a huge smile, a bit of good liquor advice and his words of wisdom. Unfortunately, Carlos lost his battle with cancer after 2 years on April 2nd, 2018. He is deeply missed and spends his days haunting the store.



Stephanie joined the Brandywine team in June of 2016. She took over for Carlos when he found himself ready for retirement and to make his health a priority. Prior to running Brandywine Stephanie worked in the film industry in Louisiana for 9 years. Much like Carlos you can count her to greet you with a big smile, decent liquor knowledge and good or bad life advice per request. 





Steven joined the Brandywine team in September of 2017 with an eternal light that shines as bright as a diamond. Steven has added top shelf customer service and has since become very skilled at providing great advice on all of our liquor products. 


VINNY (The Conure)

Vinny joined the Brandywine team in February of 2017. He enjoys spending his days screaming at customers and the rest of the staff for at least 8 hours a day, biting anyone who is brave enough to stick their fingers in his cage, and dancing to the music in the store. He's a bad bird and he knows it.


WOODSTOCK (The Cockatiel)

Woodstock joined the Brandywine team in June of 2016. Accompanied by his side kick Hermon. He enjoys spending his days begging for treats and pets from the staff. He also enjoys the occasional bath in his water bowl and looking super cute for customers observing him from the window.


HERMAN (The Parakeet)

Herman joined the Brandywine team in June of 2016. Stephanie rescued him from abusive pet shop. He now enjoys spending his days chattering happily at the other birds and staff. He may be the smallest team member but don't let that fool you, he rules the bird cage with an iron claw.